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Taking a day trip from Victoria Falls we headed out to Chobe National Park in Botswana. The park runs along the Chobe River which divides Botswana from Namibia and eventually joins the Zambezi before pouring over Victoria Falls.

We began our safari in a small boat gliding along the river surrounded by some of Africa’s most beautiful scenery. We were accompanied only by our guide and one introverted Jap girl giving our trip the feel of a private safari; one advantage of traveling in the off-season. While in the river we saw elephants drinking at the river’s edge and covering themselves in dust or creating mud to spray on their backs. We also saw crocodiles, water buffalo, a giant lizard and large herds of hippos which stayed submerged with the exception of the tops of their heads, ears twitching, coming up only to stretch and yawn.

Elephants and Hippos

Water Buffalo and Giant Lizard

After the boat we stopped at a nice resort where we had a delicious buffet lunch then headed out in an open top vehicle . Along this portion of the trip we saw many animals including baboons and monkeys, giraffes, various antelope and a surprisingly large number of elephants. Chobe has around 60,000 of them. It was amazing to drive amongst these large animals and watch them playing and grazing, many of them only a couple of feet from the vehicle.

Elephants and a Crocodile

View from the boat on the river and Lily pads in the river

After our ride through the park we headed back, this time taking the ferry to Zambia, where we stayed in Livingston for a few days and saw the falls from northern side of the river. The overall view was nicer on this side, but that is about all Zambia has to offer; except for the train to Tanzania…

On the river and a baboon having a drink

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