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Victoria Falls


In the heart of Africa Magan and I head out to the suspension bridge spanning the Zambezi river that separates Zimbabwe and Zambia. To our back is the giant and stunning Victoria Falls. To our front is a large gorge with the rapidly churning Zambezi river 128 meters below. While this may not be the highest in the world (they claim 3rd highest) it is certainly the most beautiful.

**Just to recap, for Vicky Lou, we must all remember the Australian who did this jump back in January of this year where her cord snapped sending her splashing into the croc infested and rapidly churning waters below: Click here for the story and video.**

As we step out to the ledge and into the breeze the beautiful scenery surrounds us. We are flanked by steep cliffs that drop straight down to the river that is covered with mist from the falls forming a permanent rainbow below. Suddenly you’re snapped back to reality as your told to stand up and put your toes over the line. You look down and it suddenly hits you that you’re about to jump 111 meters (cord length) toward the fast flowing, crocodile and hippo infested water below. Every instinct tells you to stop and take a couple of steps back, but before you even know what’s going on your arms are outstretched and you hear the countdown: 5…4…3…2…1…BUNGEE!!! You swan-dive out and feel yourself being pulled toward the ground and watch the water rushing up to meet you.

After a few seconds of gut-wrenching free-fall you feel the cord tighten and you bounce and swing around for a minute or so while the employees strap a cable to you and haul you up. This is a complete adrenaline rush and by far one of the best things we have ever done. The awesome feeling of jumping 111 meters towards the ground leaves you with a buzz for the next few hours. It takes two joints (marijuana cigarettes) just to calm our nerves.

Below are our videos and photos from the jump; Enjoy!

Video 1: Brenden’s Jump: Basic video with our camera. Enjoy my spastic jump into the abyss.

Video 2: Magan’s Jump: This is a more professional video taken by the company

Getting Ready

The Fall

The Bounce

After the jump


A few pictures from the Zambian side of the falls. This side of the falls was just as impressive as the Zimbabwe side, but gave a better view and comprehension of the immense size of Victoria Falls.