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Great White Shark Dive (Mar 31)   4 comments

Swimming with the Great White Sharks in South Africa

While in Cape Town we decided to do a little research into the life and behavior of the Great White Shark. So we headed out for Gansbaai, about 2 and 1/2 hours east of Cape Town, and boarded our boat (Nemo) to head out and find these interesting animals. We found a nice spot near Dyer Island which is the most active place in the world for the Great White. We began tossing chum (fish guts) into the water, dropped our cage and put on our wetsuits. The first few sharks to show up were interesting, but seemed a bit young. How could we learn anything from such an inexperienced animal? We continued to chum and decided to toss out some tuna heads to lure in the larger sharks. Soon the mac-daddies arrived. These large sharks, which we estimate to be at least 10 feet long, were pleased to help us in our research. As we entered the cage, in order to better understand these creatures, we were able to hypothesize that these animals are in fact one of natures finest killing machines. If only that pesky cage wasn’t in the way perhaps we could have done further experiments and try to prove our hypotheses first hand.

Please enjoy a few pictures below. Click the links below to watch a couple of our videos on youtube.

Video 1 – Shark Grabs the Bait

Video 2 – Shark Gnaws on the Cage

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